Friday, February 3, 2012

Walking up hill

I hope today finds you doing well. My exercising seems to be coming easier to me. I have stepped the sit ups to 100 and the crunches are back down to 20 from 30 however, my son showed me this way to do them that seems to get more impact. At least I feel it more and it's more difficult to do them.

I have also upped the water in-take and have started walking on the tread mill again. At the moment it is on a level surface. College Boy decided to use it a while back and put it when I had it on a 12% incline. Now it doesn't seem to want to go back. I'm gonna have to work on that today. Just another prime reason children shouldn't be playing with their parents toys.

I was checking out some things on the w.w. site yesterday and dismayed to find the following:
I can walk at 3 mph for 10 mins and get 1 activity point... OR I can ride a motorcycle for 10 minutes and get 1 point, or shoot pool 10 minutes and get 1 point, miniature golf 10 minutes and get 1 point, hunt 10 minutes and get 1 point. What the heck?! Something is not right with this picture. One of my friends asked what happened if you were hunting from a motorcycle for 10 minutes? lol.

Mooch did find that I had put the magnet key back and attached it to the handle of the treadmill. I heard it fall last night and her batting it around and hitting the sides. Glad to know she is still amused with it. We have a set of box springs stored next to the treadmill and between the two of them, they seem to be her personal jungle-gym.

Time to grab a book and hop on the tread mill for a walk. Catch you later.

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