Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Am I skinny yet?

Okay, whether you are a kid or a parent you have heard this phrase in the car "Are we there yet?" that is how I'm feeling today only it's "Am I skinny yet?"

I'm staying on track with my eating, still doing the basic exercises, though I have been neglecting walking on the treadmill. Actually to be honest, my frisky one year old kitten likes to play with the magnetic key to turn it on and both of them seem to be M.I.A. *makes note to self on to do list- find key to treadmill*.

I know I'm only half way through my first week back on the official w.w. diet, but I sure don't feel anything in my clothes even beginning to loosen up. You would think that at least something would feel a little looser than normal. However, I am not giving up. I'm going to conquer this yet.

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