Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keeping at it even with a bad mood

Well, I'm still keeping at it even in my bad mood state. Has nothing to do with my diet... well, maybe just a little to do with the diet, like 1% or so, the rest has to do with frustrations at work. We all have them and I know I'll get over it eventually.

Day 3 of the w.w. deal, still keeping on track with my eating. I do keep peeking in the mirror to see if any rabbit ears are peaking out from my hair yet. If I suddenly run screaming through the posts, you'll know they have made an appearance.

I still have to do my exercises for the day. I should do that before I make and eat dinner, it seems to go over so much better with my stomach. It does tend to protest doing sit ups and crunches after you have eaten.

Hope you're keeping up your good work too.

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