Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 7 and beginning to feel... it?

I'm not sure which "it" I am feeling, but I definitely feel something.

While I am trying not to over do but to also do enough to get some results and strengthen my muscles I am now feeling it in my back and stomach. I can see that my stomach is already flatter but my back muscles are letting me know that they exist now too.

I am finding it difficult to remember to drink so much more water here at home. While I do drink some, it is not nearly the quantity that I drink at work.

My son told me about Tabata and while I have no intention of even trying the burpee exercise I did find some for core training that I think I will try to incorporate into the daily routine.

Now, I'm off to search for some hoop dancing classes in my area. They look not only fun, but like they would be great all over exercise as well.

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