Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting back into the swing

What a week last week was and now we face Valentine's Day tomorrow. That week off from my routine wasn't very conducive to my program with going to jury duty each day and when dismissed for the day heading to the office so I could get some things done and have a semblance of a paycheck this week.

The good news is I didn't add any weight last week, the bad news is even with walking a 1/2 mile round trip twice a day (in heals) from the parking lot to the courthouse. I barely lost any weight to speak of. Over the weekend we attended the George Strait and Martina McBride concert. We were parked several blocks from the venue so it was a brisk walk each direction to stay warm. The concert was great and it took a few hours for my hearing to return to normal.

I've got dinner planned out for tomorrow night. We are having steaks, he can have a potato and I will fill up on my salad. No candy is being brought in by me. So now I need to get off the computer, sign the cards and do something with my husbands gifts so they are ready for tomorrow, then I have to get in today's exercises and finish prepping dinner.

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