Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is not going well, is it?

To be honest, the exercising the past several days has been spotty and limited at best.

I did however go to my Dr. appointment yesterday and the first of the results for my blood testing is in, which was the A1C to test for diabetes. My Dr. says that 5.6 is normal and that 6.5 means you are diabetic. My result was 6.1 which puts me towards boarder line, especially since there is a family history of it now. She ordered me to get back onto weight watchers and to lose 20 lbs. :/
Well, that was the idea to start with. At least my husband is in support and he is willing to go back on the diet with me. Life style changes are coming very soon to our household.

Today was my first hooping class. What a blast. There were only two of us that showed up to take the class so it was very intensive and riotous as neither of us seemed to be as coordinated as we wished we were. We had fun laughing with each other and at ourselves as we'd try to learn to maneuver the hoop and pass it from one portion of our body to another and learning our first flow move. By the end of class we could do the move, but it was not nearly as graceful as our instructor. Needless to say we both vowed to go back home and work on our technique before the next class is offered.

So I am on my way with hooping and preparing to make a lifestyle change again in the eating habits. Hope things are going well for you.

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goodkarma said...

that doctor appointment was a good idea then. sometimes just seeing some concrete numbers like that is enough to give us a kick in the butt.

i'm so glad you enjoyed your first hoop class though! yes, the folks that have been doing it for years make it look VERY easy. it does take practice. luckily it's a really FUN practice. :)