Sunday, January 29, 2012

Here we go hoop de hoop

So far I am having a blast with my hula hoop. The back of my hands are slightly bruised from being used in a way then haven't been used before, but I was assured to let them rest for a time when the bruising showed up and they would be fine.

I hooped for probably about 20 minutes today just trying to work on the flow move we learned in class and how to make a circle as I am hooping. Oh, and how to hoop in the opposite direction that I am accustom to going.

I went to the grocery store today and loaded up on fresh fruits and veggies. I about choked on the bill when I saw the total. Almost makes me wish I had paid attention to what my grandmother was trying to teach me in the garden instead of trying to figure ways to get out of pulling all the weeds. :p

The husband asked me today when the diet officially starts and I told him just as soon as he signed us up for weight watchers again. I surely can't remember how many points is what worth. Ok, I remember a Big Mac is 10 points and a medium fry is 14 points but a little slack here cause if that's what I had and I had 29 points for the day... I pretty much wiped the whole day out with that one meal.

At any rate, I'm still working on it and I'm not giving up.

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